An Introduction To Reiki

One of the first signs we receive that tell us that we are an empath is the incredibly painful sensation that we feel when we are around someone who is suffering either emotionally, mentally, or physically. Often, though, when we feel compelled to heal it can also be a sign that we have areas that are unhealed.

Our hands’ are transmitters and are incredible tools to soothe and heal as our touch connects our energy directly with other people’s. Empaths have the ability to know the area that the pain is coming from and often what is causing it.

We can then channel our energy to flow through to our fingertips and the energetic waves transfer through our fingers to balance and harmonize the energy of the person we are sending healing to.

When healing, we do not need to physically touch anyone else. We can simply hold our hands above the area and radiate healing energy.

We can also do this through a visualization imagining the scenario in our mind as though we are healing them in person.

It isn’t just humans that empaths are drawn to heal, we also use our gift to soothe the suffering of animals, Mother Earth, and the universe. While we can offer healing energy to others, for the healing to be effective each person must ultimately take responsibility for healing themselves by dealing with the pain at the root.

Empaths are able to detect the deep-seated emotions that other people hold on to and this energy cause blockages within their system. We are naturally empathetic and are the nurturers, caregivers, and healers. Many empaths serve humanity, finding work in holistic therapies, spiritual arts, energy work, psychic fields, nutrition, counseling, psychology, social work, teaching, and the medical and veterinary fields.

The empaths who are not professional healers will most likely still be healing people whether they are doing it consciously or subconsciously.

The reason we feel other people’s pain so intensely, whether emotionally or physically, is because we have the divine ability to radiate healing energy through sending powerful energetic waves of universal energy and transmuting negativity. Everyone, whether an empath or not, can radiate healing energy.

We sense the pain that exists within people that has been repressed or ignored and we are able to unearth root causes and offer compassion and unconditionally loving light energy. However, the trouble is that not everyone wants this pain to be uprooted. Unraveling past and painful experiences and memories is not easy and not everyone wants to delve into and pick at old wounds.

Whenever we see someone physically or emotionally wounded, our gut instinct that rises from our sacral chakra is to reach out with our hands. When we offer healing energy, we also engage the heart chakra, as healing is a process of showing compassion while transcending and radiating love.

Reiki is a magical universal spiritual life force energy that is deep within us all. As we are all made of the same energy, we are all connected therefore when generate and radiate high vibrational energy, it automatically connects and interacts with all external energy. To connect to Reiki for the purpose of healing is very simple and natural.

We can easily channel this universal energy to balance, heal, and harmonize the body and mind and raise our own vibrations and the vibrations that surround us. The word Reiki derives from two Japanese words. Rei translates to wisdom or higher power, and Ki translates to life force energy. Reiki can be used as a therapy to alleviate physical, mental, or emotional pain, though it is also a way of life if we align to the principles and practice them regularly.

We all have the capacity to heal ourselves and to send healing vibrations out to others. When we are still, we are able to scan the body and mind to find exactly where the root of conflict or pain lies. As Hermann Hesse explains in his book Siddhartha  and Paulo Coelho in his bestseller  The Alchemist, everything we need to know can be found when we are still and listen to our inner selves. We can listen to our inner selves when we practice meditation.

Empaths often find that after a particularly stressful day or if we awake during the night full of anxieties our bodies are tense and holding on to an overwhelming amount of painful emotions. Reiki is a tool that can instantly calm, heal, and soothe, and once we have practiced it on ourselves we can then send any excess healing energy out into the universe so that it can be absorbed wherever it is needed.


When we have a headache, we instinctively place our hands on our heads. If we allow the mind to calm so we are focusing on the feeling of the energy flowing from our hands to our heads, within moments the pain subsides and any stress that has built up will be alleviated.

The same process can be practiced with aches and pains anywhere else in the body and also with emotional pain. Emotional trauma that lingers eventually manifests in the body as physical pain, so we can scan the body to locate the area and allow our energetic vibrations to soothe and heal.

We can also uncover issues that we are holding on to that we may not have realized existed. When we are able to acknowledge and heal emotional pain, we are able to rid the body of the physical pain that is connected to the emotional injury.

When we practice Reiki regularly we will find that as soon as we think about Reiki healing our hands will instinctively begin to tingle with sensations and warm as the energy is channeled in preparation for the practice. As soon as the connection from the mind to the hands is made, both the healing energy and the heat will naturally build.

To benefit fully from the energy that Reiki creates, it is necessary to calm our minds so that we can relax and surrender to the treatment.

A basic Reiki healing treatment: either sit or lie down somewhere comfortable and totally relax the body. To connect with the body, scan it from top to toe and pay attention to the sensations and signals it is sending out. This will indicate if there are any tension, aches, or pains.

Focusing on the mind, let go of any thoughts. Slow the breathing and inhale and exhale deeply. Consider if there is anything that may be causing emotional or physical distress. If so, trace the sensations to find the root cause. Allow the energy from the surrounding energetic field to be directed toward the hands and channel the vibrations so that they filter through them.

Visualize a surrounding brilliant white light and pull the energy inward toward the hands. The hands may begin to feel hot or tingly. Move the hands, sweeping them over the body, moving slowly over the chakra areas, and allow them to rest when it instinctively feels right to do so. As we move our hands over the body, it also helps to harmonize the energy field. Place the hands on or above the area that needs attention.

The area that we are drawn to will likely feel tense, be aching slightly, or have subtle sensations. When we focus on this area, our awareness increases and we can tune in to what is happening within the body. We can then visualize the area of concern as a shape with color. The shape may be tiny in structure or it could be huge, expanding out of the body.

As we visualize the colorful shape, we can channel and direct warm, loving, healing energy toward this area and remain focused on it until the shape reduces in size. As it reduces, we may also notice the physical sensations dissipate.

We can either put the hands physically on the body or hold them just above the area when we are healing ourselves. If we are healing someone else it will depend on their personal preference, though if we prefer to hold the hands above the body that is our ultimately our own decision.

Remain in this position, allowing the energy from the body to flow through to your hands. Keep the mind calm, relaxing as much as possible, letting go of any negative energy that may be emanating from the shape or anything else we may be unconsciously holding on to.

When the tension has released and the area has reenergized, the hands will begin to move again. We can then scan the body again and focus on any other areas that cause the hands to slow down. Again we repeat the process, holding the hands in place until the energy has cleared. Pay fine attention to how the body and mind are feeling.

When we have finished, we can rebalance and cleanse the aura from top to toe, starting at the head and moving the hands toward the toes in a sweeping motion to clear out any negative energy. When ready, slowly awake and rise gently.

After a Reiki treatment it is natural to feel a glowing radiance through and around the mind, body, and spirit.

Although we have focused on a specific blocked area, the energy that we have channeled will radiate so that both the body and mind have received a full healing treatment. As we clear blockages, our universal life energy is free to flow through us, and not only do we heal ourselves, we are also in a position to channel our energy so that we can also heal others.

A Reiki healing session can feel similar to how it might feel being wrapped tightly and secure in a spider’s cocoon, completely safe and protected. The experience is one of being entirely immersed in a loving divine light. The body, mind, and spirit are connected as one while a safe, warm glow surrounds us.

Reiki is not something that is explained easily, it is something that is felt and experienced. Many people may not consider Reiki as they think it is a complex practice that takes a lot of training. However, Reiki is a simple and loving exercise that we can do for ourselves anywhere at any time. It is a blend of mindfulness, understanding ourselves clearly, and soothing and reenergizing areas that have become blocked due to build ups of energy that result in feeling physiological pain.

Once we know how to give Reiki to ourselves, we can also send healing vibrations to animals, to other people, to the Earth, and out to the universe. Radiating excess energy is the perfect way to keep the energy fluidly flowing through us.

There is an abundance of universal life energy. It is limitless. The more we connect to it, the more energized the more enhanced our healing powers will be enhanced, so the energy will continuously recharge and radiate out from us and on to whoever else may need it.


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