March Full Moon in Virgo Opposite Pisces: The Battle Between The Heart & The Head


On Sunday March 12th the Moon will be full in the sign of Virgo, with the Sun opposite in Pisces.

This quote by Jay Long accurately explain this Full Moon, “Even a wolf needs to rest.”

February was a relentless and turbulent emotional storm of a month with two eclipses churning our insides around and making many of us feel like a hot emotional mess. This Full Moon won’t be offering too much of a reprieve as it will still challenge us, however, in an entirely different way. It is calling upon us to release, surrender, let go and take some much-needed rest.

Ultimately this means trying our hardest to ‘let things be’ by trying not to control or hurry what is truly meant for us.

This period will be asking us to find the balance between the heart and the head so that we do not let our feelings ultimately reign over our actions. This will seem almost impossible for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves and roar fearlessly in vulnerability, however, we will burn ourselves out if we do not stop occasionally to refuel.

Fortunately Saturn, the planet of control and willpower is currently in Sagittarius, the planet of insight and restraint, and is also at a right angle to the Full Moon. Therefore we will be feeling stronger and more disciplined, which will thankfully prevent us from being too impulsive and saying or doing things we will later regret.

The reason our sensitivities will be heightened is because water sign Pisces pulls our emotions to the surface and shows us how deep they run. The Full Moon then illuminates how we are feeling by shining it’s radiant light, allowing Virgo’s critical eye to pick and prod and make us see not only our own flaws and faults, but those of our loved ones too.

We will also be feeling hyper emotional as Mercury and Centaur Chiron visit Pisces. Chiron is the wounded healer who cosmically forces us to visit our unhealed, open wounds so that we can heal. We will likely feel triggered to react and respond, at times quite childishly, as our old injuries surface and remind us of the past inner pain we went through and of the bleeding wounds that badly need attention.

During this Full Moon, it is vital to remind ourselves that it is our responsibility to soothe and balm our wounds, not anyone else’s. We will be tempted to have little drama episodes and cry out to others to validate and tend to us, however, all this just keeps us weak and codependent on others. While it may feel nourishing to allow others to take tender care of us, it is essential for our evolution that we first know how to fully care for ourselves.

We can do this by embodying the spirit of the lone wild wolf, who wanders like a warrior learning everything he needs for survival. This means that when, or if, he does meet a mate and eventually has his own pack, he will have all the tools within to love, protect and nourish himself and others from a place of strength, wisdom, and health and not from a place of insecurity, lack or dysfunction.

The lone wolf has emotional, mental and physical yearnings too and despite his desire to find what his heart, body and soul long for, he refuses to settle for ordinary and instead pushes himself to extremes on the journey for soul growth and self-discovery. Innately he knows that before he is ready to connect on a deep and meaningful level with others, he has to first connect intimately with himself.

Whenever we are being called to have patience and our circumstances are not working out the way we might have planned, particularly in regards to love, it will soothe our soul if we remind ourselves that we are building and growing and everything we are going through is necessary to prepare and open us up so that we embody, give and receive the highest forms of peace, pleasure and love that we are capable of.

Alongside all the issues concerning soul-growth, security and stability, Neptune and Pisces in the Sun will be radiating a powerful vibration filled with magic and mystery. This will cause us to feel torn between remaining grounded and realistic or floating up and away into a dreamlike fairytale world where we can wish upon stars and imagine that our wildest fantasies will all come true.

As much as we want to get lost within our imagination, Saturn will gently pull us back down to Earth so that we receive the opportunity to relax and rest our weary hearts and minds.

Although we will be feeling highly sensitive and our intuition will be delivering long-awaited answers to questions that have caused us anxiety and suffering, it is imperative that we wait until we are balanced, calm, and rational, before making life-altering decisions.

Celestial energies will be conspiring in our favor during this Full Moon, although, at the time it will seem as though they are working against us. Any obstacles that we run into during this period are there as learning curves to either slow us down and think a little deeper, or to open our hearts and love a little harder. Either way, we will come through the other side of this Full Moon phase feeling centered, clearer, and rooted in faith that we have all the tools we need to deal with any situation we are faced with.

We will be caught between Pisces, who has no care for boundaries, and Virgo, who is cautious and wary, so we will find ourselves looking twice before attempting to blindly cross into unknown territory. Saturn joins Virgo to take a firm grip of our hands and hold us back so that we do not continue to make fools out of ourselves under the guise of love.

Rather than blazing full steam ahead and spilling our emotions wherever we roam, we will instead truly begin to understand the importance of beaming our love and affection where it is valued and appreciated rather than running out of energy through placing it into the hands of those who will take without limits and bleed us dry.

Although planetary activity will be influencing us to behave more sensibly this will work in our favor during this Full Moon. When we are clear and focused with our intentions, we are far more likely to manifest our hopes and desires. While it is amazing to daydream our lives away, we won’t achieve anything unless we are sure that these dreams are realistic.

Virgo and Saturn will be conspiring in the Universe to cosmically bring our greatest wishes to fruition. We just need to be sure about what it is we want and then to have faith that almost anything is possible when we commit to our dreams and fully believe in our ability to reach them. That is why it is essential that we fully pay attention to our innermost wants and needs during this Full Moon.

We need to be brave and find the courage to change certain parts of our lives, or the way we are acting, so that pieces of our past, present and future can neatly slot together.

This Full Moon is asking us to relax our hearts and trust in the Universe so that we patiently wait for everything to work out, if it is destined, when the time is right and not a moment sooner. And for all the things that don’t work out – they simply weren’t meant for us and beneficial for our higher good.

Fate can be a painful pill to swallow at first, but when it sinks in and takes effect, we will notice how it brings more peace in our minds, happiness in our bones, and love in our hearts than we could ever have imagined possible.

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5 thoughts on “March Full Moon in Virgo Opposite Pisces: The Battle Between The Heart & The Head

  1. Amazing information. I can already feel it. .I luv our FB group. I finally feel like Im not alone in this world.
    Lisa Hilgert


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