Friday 16th September Full Moon: Wounded Healer Chiron Influencing Love & Pain

Over the next few days we are going to feel a surge of loving energy flowing through us. This energy is rising to alert and awaken us so that we feel courageous enough to accept ourselves, and those around us, exactly as we are.


We will feel marinated in unconditional heart-centered love and sense a vibrational entrance that will be encouraging a total acceptance of our entire being, and this is something that we have been waiting our entire adult lives for.


Not only that, this high frequency energy will be spilling over and everyone around us will feel warmed and lit up by the powerful rays of healing, loving, light energy glowing from our aura.


We are going to surprise ourselves by feeling intense and unmistakable electrifying impulses that will feel like gentle, subtle lighting bolts striking us, crying out for us to finally forgive ourselves for everything we have put our soul through for numerous years. We will also feel compelled to offer forgiveness and a profound depth of soul understanding to everyone around us, including people who have very badly hurt us in the past. This doesn’t mean that we will allow those that have harmed us a close place in our lives, just that we will be scattering an infinite amount of forgiveness far and wide.


We will very easily feel the ability to let go and release all of the aches and pains that for far too long have been causing us agony due to being firmly attached to our hearts.


This overwhelming desire to break free from whatever has hurt us and move on is occurring a few different reasons.


The first is that the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac, which creates a yin and yang, dark and light, positive and negative effect. It is the energy of opposites and this means that we will feel encouraged to come to terms with our flaws and faults and not only that, we will embrace and feel comfortable enough to celebrate and cherish all of our positive aspects too.


The second and most significant reason is that the Moon is in close conjunction with Chiron, the cosmic rock that represents the wounded healer that resides within us all. This energy will be pulling to the surface all of our old unhealed wounds and drawing our attention to anything that has caused us suffering so that we acknowledge, tend to, balm and heal anything that has been silently triggering us to react, respond and act in ways that aren’t a reflection of how we want truly to behave. Healing our wounds also assists  soul-growth as when we move on from past incidents that have caused us pain, we are no longer tethered to them and we can head onwards towards new, revolutionary experiences that play a huge part in the healing of others who may have troubles and problems and who may be struggling to move forward.


During these few days when the Moon is at its strongest, we will very likely feel vulnerable, especially as the veil that protects our energy field is extremely thin during a Full Moon, however our vulnerability becomes a strength when we surrender to it and use it to recognise the parts of our inner selves that we have masked and hidden away for far too long.


We will feel empowered to evoke and then let go of anything that we know is harmful, while gracefully accepting the things that we cannot currently change.


Pluto is also about to come out of a 5-month retrograde and this movement is going to deeply transform major areas of our life that have felt stuck and also that have anchored aspects of our life for the whole of the summer. We will notice this shift occurring as it will feel like an internal jolt freeing us to feel able to make decisions again, break old habits and patterns and reach out and take hold of all of the things that we have wanted and that up until now have been passing too swiftly by.


September’s Full Moon is in creative, imaginative, intuitive, perceptive Pisces and this can cause us to feel a little more emotional than normal. However, these high emotions arrive with perfect timing as we can harness and channel them so that they serve us for the heart related matters we are currently experiencing.


We will feel full of love, compassion, empathy and understanding so anything that is emotionally important to us will feel the full impact of our enchanting, buoyant heart energy, therefore, our friendships, relationships and any soul connection that we have will benefit greatly.


Where there once was conflict, there now will be peace and forgiveness. Where there were once major difficulties in communication or troubles surrounding romance, we will begin to feel at ease and intuitively know the right thing to do or say so that bridges can be built.


We are healing at an unprecedented speed and our fragmented pieces are effortlessly slotting back together. We are going to be feeling harmonious, balanced and at one with ourselves and comfortable in our skin, knowing that whatever challenges face us, we have the power, strength and a remarkable amount of determination to bounce back, realign with who we are at our core and continue moving forward.


No longer will we allow the storm clouds from our past dampen and darken our days.


This is the beginning of a new era and one that we have been working towards throughout our entire lifetime here on Earth. We have all the tools and knowledge needed to carve our way onto a brighter, smoother, soul nourishing and rewarding path and one that is brilliantly illuminated by this energizing turbo-charged lunar eclipse beaming Moon.


It is going to be a miraculous, magical week and one that we will remember for some time to come, but only if we are willing to absorb within the energies radiating from this soulful, life-altering, wise, reflective moon.


We are being called to remove the old, stagnant entities that have been weighing us down so that we have enough space to allow for everything that is ready and patiently waiting for us.


The seeds of new, magnificent beginnings are about to be planted and they will take root and we will notice them surfacing in various areas of our lives over the next few months.


Anything we choose to set intentions for during this week will manifest organically and naturally and we will reap all the benefits as it all comes to fruition at the opening of 2017, just in time for a new start that will be overflowing with an abundance of loving energy and important soul-enhancing connections.


This week allow the heart and mind to come together, decide the direction you would like your life to move in, say goodbye to the old and prepare and make positive plans for a future hand-crafted and created exactly the way you want it. It won’t happen immediately, but taking small steps, putting in a little effort and also remaining focused, watch in awe and wonder as whatever you open your heart to blossoms and takes shape right before your eyes.


This is your time. You have waited for this opening and energetic opportunity to boost you, and you deserve it. Closure has arrived to say goodbye to many months of emotional, mental or physical hardship, and a portal has energetically opened for clarity and to recognize and utilize the tremendous personal power that is within you. That has always been there.


Never forget your significance, unique purpose and worth again: Love, embrace and own it – you are a  cosmic warrior, an earth-planet-Adventurer, a star laced moonchild, feel proud, whatever part of your journey you are at, you are where you are meant to be.


Write a sincere, faith-driven love-letter to yourself, listing all the things of great heart-importance. Light a candle under the Full Moon and read the list slowly over and over. Release the note to the Universe, either take it to water or carefully burn it and watch the energies drift and transform.


Believe, pay attention and follow the signs.

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One thought on “Friday 16th September Full Moon: Wounded Healer Chiron Influencing Love & Pain

  1. . . Beyond words . . ‘speechless’ at the timing of reading this now in this moment; after a pivotal day yesterday. So extraordinary, how all that you’ve written here has synchronistically aligned with a day of complete surrender; over the past 3 days, leading up to a meeting yesterday, to address these very things. Honoring the feelings of relief and release that followed, sitting in quiet contemplation, with the tide low and a blanket of warm sand stretched infront of me, looking out over the ocean to the blue sky above . . slowly closing my eyes allowing the profound sense of peace and deep feelings of gratitude to wash over me.❤ Thank you once again for all that you share, and to the stars that shine their light to remind us with a smile and a whisper . . ‘keep going . . you’re on the right path’. xo ~k


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