Aug 30 – Sep 22 ~ Our Luckiest, Most Loving Mercury Retrograde Yet!

On August 30th 2016 Mercury stations retrograde in Virgo and as Mercury rules Virgo, this is going to be a highly loving, affectionate, harmonious, memorable period.

Often we dread Mercury retrograde as it can bring with it many problems and difficulties, particularly surrounding communication with our friendships and relationships. However, this time Venus and Virgo are both going to be influential, making it a time filled with love, appreciation, acceptance, romance, forgiveness and making amends for any previous misunderstandings.

Usually we are cautioned to tread carefully during these few weeks, but this time luck and fortune are on our side and we are in for a huge awakening, as we feel optimistic, rational, courageous and ready for the intense energy that is about to flow through us.
The main thing we need to remember so that we sail through this period is to remain consciously aware and alert so that we pay attention to how we are communicating and connecting with others around us and also so that we are open to exciting new opportunities and limitless possibilities.

It is vital that we are prepared for the major changes that are coming that are about to shake our life up, especially where romance is concerned. When we are mindful and in tune with ourselves and others close to us, we will be in a far better position to make the necessary adjustments that are required so that are in attuned to the transformational shift that will be taking place.

September 2016 is a life-changing month and it is one that is calling us to let go of the old stagnant energy that has been weighing us down so that we can release from our lives anything that no longer serves us or feels good. It really is the time to practice “Out with the old and in with the new,” and to focus our thoughts on the present moment and moving forward rather than being caught up in any pain, trauma or destruction from our past.

It is rare to have a Mercury retrograde phase that is so calming, clearing and peaceful as usually they are chaotic, turbulent and troublesome, so it is strongly recommended that we open to the energy and work with it.
Mercury retrogrades run on nine-year cycles and as 2016 is the ‘9th year’ (2+0+1+6=9) we will find ourselves reflecting back on the things, particularly those that have been detrimental, that prior retrogrades brought to our attention throughout the 9-year period from 2007-2016. All of the lessons and disturbances that those Mercury retrogrades made us aware of have built up inside us and are now churning, culminating and are coming to a head so that we can understand them before cutting them loose and starting over as next year will be the beginning of a brand new 9-year Mercury retrograde cycle. If ever there was a time to be ready for dramatic change, this is definitely it!

The main thing that is causing us to reflect and de-clutter from the harmful entities that we have allowed into our lives is our newfound, extremely profound feelings of self-belief and self-worth. We are finally realizing that everything that we have allowed around us has been our own doing and we have absolute control over who, what and where plays a main part in our existence.

This period isn’t a sudden or shocking transformation, although there will be times when it will feel like it. It is one that we have been working towards for many years and it is now coming to a close, enabling us to very easily and naturally untie the attachment cords to anything that has been anchoring us.

We are about to find freedom and taste it with hope, harmony and happiness and it won’t matter if our lives appear to remain the same externally, as it is internally that the greatest shifts and alterations are occurring.

We are changing shape and we are going to entirely love who we have become. We will find ourselves saying goodbye to the old in our lives while having love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude in our hearts so that our emotional wounds can close and finally be given the chance to properly heal.

There will be no more digging up the past and torturing ourselves over so many of the things we cannot change, instead it will feel effortless to accept the path we have walked, understanding that we have become warrior-strong, wiser and more in touch with ourselves during the process.

Mercury retrograde is always a time for reflection and this time we are looking back with love and affection, even when we remember the times that we were painfully stung. We are on a journey and as we go we are collecting knowledge, life-skills and experience and it is essential to remember that all of the dots will eventually connect, even if they seem messy and pointless while we are plotting them.

We are fully in control and in charge of our lives and the stage we are heading onto is one where we can turn it all around, sweep it out, or tip it all upside down to shake off any dust and remnants. We will find the strength to release the rattling skeletons and rid ourselves of the ghosts that have been haunting and cluttering the way, particularly if they still have residues of heartache tied to them.

There is no reason to hold tight to anyone or force anything, whatever is healthy and meant for us will naturally remain and when we fully trust our intuition and senses we will attract the relationships and situations to our life that resonate with the highly positive, hopeful vibration that is strongly and brightly radiating from us.

It isn’t often we hear this, but without doubt this Mercury retrograde is going to be an immensely enjoyable one and while we may still get ruffled and feel challenged and unsettled at times throughout it, the uncomfortable sensations we feel are just our soul recalibrating and finding it’s way back to the center and to exactly where we are meant to be.

We are fearlessly tearing many layers from ourselves and pulling illusions down. Finally, after 9 years of hard work learning, struggling, twisting and turning we are coming back to ourselves and we are going to adore and appreciate every piece of the place we are at.

When we channel and integrate the energy from Mercury retrograde it works with us, not against us and this time it is offering us a chance to see the entire picture with clarity, draw a line under it and move onwards and upwards. Often we are tempted to run and hide during the retrograde, but this time we will feel the urge to stand out in the sun, reenergise, emerge and shine.

Even though there will be numerous occurrences taking place, it is still advisable not to react suddenly, that we stay patient and if possible that we wait until Mercury goes direct on September 22nd before making and putting in place any major, life-altering decisions. This is a time to observe, assess, note and plan ahead. We are transforming at a fast speed within, so it is important to remain calm and introspective and then put all that we have discovered into action when our circumstances are much clearer and the Mercury retrograde phase has passed.


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