How To Love An Otherworldy Girl

An otherworldly girl will mystify you beyond anything your mind could ever hope to comprehend.

You will never fully understand her. It is probably easier not to try. Instead, if you love her, allow her to exist exactly as she is without any expectation, projection or superficial desire.

To know how to love her entirely, you only need to get to know her heart.

She won’t need you to see what she sees, love what she loves or to walk by her side to the enchanted places she roams to carefree and with reckless abandon. But if you do, be prepared for mystery, madness and magic to appear.

For this girl lives in the land of the ethereal. Everything there leaves a trail of stardust, and if you follow the glittering tracks you will notice sprinklings of signs, serendipitous, synchronicities and suggestions that tease you and lead you to discover the kind of reality you only ever thought would be found within a vivid, unfiltered and wild mind.

This otherworldly girl does not treasure handbags, diamonds or gold. The jewels she collects are the seashells, stones, crystals and other high vibrational tokens the planet has kindly scattered along beaches, mountaintops and paths that run alongside restless, flowing lakes.

She is all about soul resonation. If your heart-centered energy resonates with hers, your presence in her life will need no justification, and you will bond with such force and strength that eternity would never dare to challenge the union.

This girl will rock and distract you. When you meet her you will stumble down a bottomless rabbit hole, and as you free fall your life will unravel one layer at a time, and you will instantly begin to see through kaleidoscope lenses, but only if you are ready to believe.

You see…this world is not quite as you see it now.

This rare otherworldly mesmerizing creature that you are growing to love is going to tear down veils one by one. She will terrify and soothe you all at once simply by whispering a single, poetic, softly spoken word. To perceive as she does is not for the faint or guarded-hearted. And although she is sensitive and vulnerable, she is also the center of a life-changing storm more powerful than any desert has witnessed.

Do not underestimate her. For many have tried to pull her surreal existence apart as they have not understood it. They have feared the tornadoes that spin through her veins, and they have attempted to calm the chaos that keeps her wide-eyed, fueled and alluringly alive. Although they find her uniqueness irresistible, and they wanted a taste of this world she has created, the barriers in their mind caused such resistance that they failed to capture the bewitching charm that their soul longed.

She is a curious, timeless, sentimental, sensitive, infinite being. An old wise intuitive soul and a bewildered, mischievous, wounded child mixed into one, and she finds home in the hearts of all that she loves. Although she wanders, alone and free, she knows exactly which compass to follow.

If you feel an inexplicable, intimate, profound, spellbinding connection—almost as though you have known her before—it is likely because you have. You are eternal and will likely have crossed one another’s paths while traversing some distant realm.

You may think she is rebellious, unchartered and possibly even puzzling and peculiar, but if you observe how she moves, you will see that she is fluidly flowing with nature—and while she defies society and logic, it is with grace and without intention. Instead, she courageously steps in time to the pulse of the universe’s heartbeat, fearlessly breaking down false paradigms and taking down the walls of separation that generations before her had built.

She is immense joy and the deepest sorrow, with maximum measures of pleasure and pain. However, neither the darkness nor the light entices her to dance; she just twirls and spins without demands. She is a magnificent wonder that cannot be named, defined or pinned down. With unshakable determination there is nothing and no one that can hold, bind or harness her.

This girl may seem as though her life is dreamlike and as though it is an imaginative adventure of fantasy and far-fetched tales. And while this perception may hold some truth, when you look a little closer you will see that her magical mind is born from a raw reality. She sees with eyes that know no limits and feels with a heart that knows nothing of boundaries that divide one from another.

If you only want to love this extraordinary girl in the way you love the ocean when it is still, predictable and safe, then I advise you to step away. Her otherworldliness is more than that, and she will ruin and destroy that image you have prettily painted in your mind. She will unknowingly walk barefoot all over those idealized images of what you want her to be, and she will fly past the pedestals and unrealistic desires that attempt to quell her. She won’t glance back, and the girl who is not lost will be lost to you as she continues into the wilderness where she will remain unhandled and untamed.

If you want to own her, then please my friend, listen carefully; she doesn’t belong here, so it is impossible to claim and attempt to chain her. Romance her, love her intensely and with passion, and adore her whichever way you know how, but cherish her and let her be in all her wondrous glory. If you can’t—although it might hurt—let her go.

If you want to love her, then love her openly, love her freely.


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