Your Wolfpack

Look at those around you As though you are part Of the same wolf pack Each has their strengths Each has their weaknesses As long as you are roaming In the same direction You will together conquer Any terrain. … Though, Watch out for those Who lurk in the shadow. The ones who use trickery, Deception, and mind games. They are not wolves and They are not part of your pack. Even if they tell you they are. …. They are coyotes. Be aware. It is easy to tell the difference. Open your eyes. Don’t be afraid. You are the stronger, You will see… …. Learn to recognise, Which is which.


Image MrT HK

One thought on “Your Wolfpack

  1. I love this. And you have learned all this at such a young age! A recent experience also taught me to watch out for which witch is which!


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