It is you

The ghost is you,
Always has been.
Before I knew you
And Still…
After you’ve gone
You gave me chaos
Your echo’s at war in my ribs
I cursed the suffering
Though now, it belongs.
Our white noise
The nostalgia
Silently gathering dust
You’re buried alive
So you can return
To howl
To haunt me
And smile at the damage you’ve caused
I smile at you too
And welcome
The nightmares
The beauty wrapped
Tightly in pain
The madness
The security
That you will return
To touch me
… devour me
To hold me close,
When together we watch…
The last dying breath,
Of each dark day…
As it finally kisses the dusk.

Words – My Own.. 6.5.15
Image – George Alexander Ishida Newman

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