Crash & Burn…

I’m a smoky blur…
To you…
A twisted contortion of all from your past
…each wish you cast for the future.
You do not see me…
You cannot see past your own stories…
Your chaos, your make-believe.
You gamble and chance, and trust you can spin once more.
I am your shadow, your wings, your fuel, but never your fire.
I make you hot, make you cold, simmer – I turn you to ashes!
But despite the frustration, you rise from the flames.
You live on.
No cry for surrender.
The white flag soaked with our blood.
…Do you hear the explosion thundering inside my soul?
Do my naked bones pierce, does my rawness blind you?
Are you afraid? Do ghosts, memories linger and haunt?
Open your eyes…
Strip off all the layers, tear down and break through the walls.
Stop searching for treasure we’ve found.
We’re caught on this carousel, torturous wheel.
I want to fall while you want to rise…
…I soar and you crash, then burn.
It’s a tragic, though beautiful maddening mess.
Where demons and halos exist and twist into one.
I want to believe I’m ok with your absence.
But, without you… nothing makes sense.
I’m captured, like you…


Image Orin Zebest

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