Release me gently.
But with no regard.
Write me words that strangle and choke..
Whisper destructive thoughts
…that tear us apart. 
Move your mask,
Expose what’s hidden.
Break our love just a little more… I dare you…
As each time you do.
I smile,
…thank you,
And take another step back.
You were an addiction,
And I will slowly wean.
For sure, you are poison,
But you deliver antidote.
And your curse will one day break.
So, I will remain, for now
And I’ll observe,
Our time…
Slipping through,
The warped hourglass.
As to love one as treacherous as you.
Is more than my foolish heart can bear…


Image https://www.flickr.com/photos/22244945@N00/ Erik Fitzpatrick

2 thoughts on “Hourglass

  1. I love your writing. It is beautiful, raw, poinient. All the things I wished my writing to be. I found this site through your article on empaths and narcissists. I felt as if I were looking in a mirror. You have a gift! Let it florish! It blesses the reader!


  2. I can relate to this. I love your blog and your article. It’s helped me so much in my own healing process. Her name was Danielle…


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