The Man

The man was as wondrous
As he was devastating…
He tore through his skin
To ask me inside.
He offered it all…
I could not resist.
The temptation to wander,
Into his soul…
A risk to refuse…
To run from and hide…
I knew I’d be tortured
Never recover.
Yet, I surrendered.
And witnessed his grace…
I discovered the man
Was a beauty,
Though, also a beast.
…He intended to burn,
Through heaven through hell.
He was Jekyll
And yet he was Hyde.
He exposed without fear.
His ashes and flame,
With no pride,
With no shame…

Image Flickr Eliza

One thought on “The Man

  1. I allowed myself to be consumed by the man, I hid,I never grew, rediscovery has been a long road and I’m beginning to rise from his ashes anew…..
    Thank-you for your articles and blog they will help me to understand myself again and to control my empathy…xx


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