So, it is true…
We never had affection.
All we had was a shared resonance.
A desire to be part of the strongest pack.
Both looking out for the other’s weakness.
Determined to discover,
Where demons hid.
A curse that would hold us.
Prevent alignment.
We magnetised powerfully…
Repelled forcefully.
Unconditional love?
No, not us.
We wanted unconditional strength.
An indestructible alliance.
We vowed we were different.
But we were not.
We were simply afraid.
To exist…
In an abyss that would uncover the masked flaws.
We’d bite at the other,
And spit out the remnants.
Distastefully. And with disregard.
Rather than follow the other’s lead.
And be fed.
We are two lone wolves.
Destined to roam.
Never to settle.
Never to… (dare I say it!)
Or admit defeat.
No, there is no unless.
We are too alone to admit.
And so…
We continue.
The journey through our wild.
Trapped by the other.
We gnaw our own bones to escape.


Image Dave Rooney

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