Today, I found an eraser.
All memory of you will be wiped.
All types untyped.
All cells replaced.
All thoughts unthought.
The spoken silenced.
Your touch unfelt.
All will become void.
You are a void.
That’s all you’ve ever been.
An empty space.
In which I placed your see through heart.
So, what now?
You’re still here…
How do I delete a void?

3 thoughts on “Erasing

  1. Alex you have changed my life with your piece on empaths. I have never read such an accurate and beautifully written description and it has unleashed a lot of clarity in my own life. After going through yet another breakup where my energy levels are simply too much for the other person, I started feeling really terrible about myself. There is a pattern of me choosing people who really don’t understand what level my emotional body is at, and don’t comprehend how much I take in. This article has left me feeling more self assured in my empathy gift than ever before in my life. You clearly understand. And I love you for it. Eternally grateful. Thank you endlessly. Namaste.

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  2. Oh man, Alex, somehow I stumbled upon your Empath/Narcissist article and, as Jennifer wrote above, you have changed my life. The devastating, blinding clarity it brought took me to a teary Holy Sh*t moment. I cannot thank you enough.
    I had always thought it was me who was wrong. I was married to a narcissist-type for 15 years; extricating myself from that was beyond brutal. But I did it. And then, just last week I broke up with my third boyfriend in the intervening 9 years post-divorce. I was shocked beyond belief to realize he too was a narcissist. The beautiful thing is that I discovered this fairly quickly into the whirlwind, ‘amazing’ relationship…and while I am upset due to the whole breaking up process, I have never gotten over anyone so damn fast. Lesson moving forward now is, Stay the f- away from those guys.
    I never considered I was an empath, or even paid a lot of attention to the word. And when I read your words, well, it was like soft water running over me on a warm spring day. Peace. Understanding. Forgiveness. Love.
    Thank you, a million times over.
    ps, your poetry is absolutely beautiful I can feel every word.


  3. Alex, I am suffering from a shattered heart. Your words move me to the point of tears streaming down my face. I may need a break from you! It is so comforting to know I’m not alone. I think I may be your biggest fan. Please write more!


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