Shards Of Your Heart

It wasn’t you, it was me…
It really was.
As, in the end,
All I could feel,
Was damage caused.
By your glass heart.
It’s shattered pieces
Cut straight through me.
I couldn’t heal,
As each time.
You tore at scars.
And opened wounds.
You were always there.
To remind me.
To draw out pain.
To see me suffer.
And I didn’t know,
How to love…
How to touch
Sharpened shards,
And still survive.
It wasn’t you
It was me,
I couldn’t breath
I couldn’t live,
Aching each day,
Breaking each night,
Constantly bleeding.
For you.

4 thoughts on “Shards Of Your Heart

  1. I can relate to this so well. I’m currently in the midst of a separation and his pain is more than I can bear. The only fix would be to go back and I worked so hard to get out! I’m an empath and he’s a narcissist…


  2. Poetry, never was much for poetry. However, this blog popped up in my cyber travels and this one poem. says what I wish I could say to my Borderline wife of 30 years. I am an empath. Just beginning to realize what that really means in regards to my marriage. Many traits of narcissists are shared with a borderline. I am at a crossroads and seeking solace, strength, energy, courage to overcome the fear of the monster that I will unleash when I finally make the move to separate myself from her. Been wanting to do this for over 5 years now. Maybe the sentiment of the poem will be of some help. Thank you.


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