Why do we hold to what hurts us most,
Why do we fearlessly cling to destruction .
Why don’t we allow the sun or the wind…
To touch our wounds to allow to heal.
Why do we shiver and hearts beat wildly,
With nostalgic thoughts of what once was.
Why is the one who causes suffering…
The only one who releases pain.
Why do we return to get burned once more,
To places where we know will haunt.
Where dusty remnants of fallen hearts…
Are swept across old cracked tiled floors.
Why do we keep thoughts to ourselves.
And crumble and break with our own hands.
Why can our words never explain
Exactly quite what needs explained…

3 thoughts on “Why

  1. Because we thirst for the sweet nectar of the beginning. We remember that taste and want more. Because we are hopeful beings and except the torture for the rewards. Until there are no more. Then we fall, hopelessly into our own hell. Only to rise again for the sweet taste of something new. We always rise again💕


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