Nothing is guaranteed, nothing is certain.
You, I, love, life – all fluid.
Ever changing.
I do not know what the future will hold.
I am here in this moment, may be gone the next.
I feel how I feel, though that too could change.
I will not offer out hope.
I cannot promise, nor will I try.
All I can do is give what I have right here.
Right now.
If that’s not enough, nothing will be.
Anything else is not truth.
Fake promises, false hopes…
Lead to a false existence.
My only reality is now.
I give it all in this very moment.
This is real.
How I feel is real, though only for now.
How I will feel in one moment’s time,
Will still be real.
Though only to me…
But what it will be…
I cannot surmise.
Nor could I guess.
I cannot and will not project.
My past thoughts are also not real.
My memory does not serve an exact account.
It only perceives.
What has passed. The last moment, my past…
I forget, I remember, I guess.
I can never be sure.
I only know, what I feel now.
Only this moment is truth.
My truth…
Anyone else’s is their version.
I will never know the whole truth.
Never hold it.
Illusions shadow it all.
I only know what is mine, in this moment, this one now.
I offer my momentary truth.

2 thoughts on “Reality

  1. So true, it is all about our perception in this very moment. It is all we ever have. So how do we believe in a happy ever after?
    We choose that for ourselves. Who ever is along for the ride, may join until they decide to un-join.


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