If it takes all day and all of the night and night after night after night; I will repeat time after time after time again, until my words become yours, and these words sink in….
‘You are already enough, entirely whole, perfectly imperfect, exquisitely beautiful, uniquely you, a blessing of life, a shining star on a limitless journey, the sun, the moon, the river, the wind and the rain, you are everything and something and all in between. You are more than all of this, much more. And if anyone ever tries to say anything different, always remember this, their words are a reflection of who they are and not who you are…so never forget, please – not ever! You are alive on a spinning planet floating around in this vast galaxy, in a mysterious universe that is endless. And although there are 7 other billion here with us, there is only one you, there will only ever be one you and you are quite simply unique. Perfectly. Now shine. Brightly. Always. Never let others dim that light.’

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