Return To Sender…

I write to you,

My pure white sheet.

My empty canvas.

I give you all.

These words are nothing.

More than lines.

Confusing chaos…

Making sense.

My soul writes out.

For your devour.

I’ll scribble now.

Of what’s inside.

These borrowed words.

Were never mine.

Stole from heartbreak.

Tore from promise.

Hidden deep.

Locked in safe.

The time has come…

I have the key.

I hold a pen.

So now I’ll write.

To give you back.

The words you gave.

They don’t belong.

Return to sender…

I have no use.

Return to you.

What isn’t mine.

What never was.

Please take them back.

To keep so safe.

You take your words.

To bury deep.

I’ll leave this note,

I’ll scribble on…

‘Returned to you…

With all the heartache.’

On every word.

You gave to me.

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