A Beautiful Imperfection

In a perfectly imperfect way

With a strong heart and loose hair

Curves and edges and messy scribbles

Blunt ends others try to sharpen

Creased from lessons learned in wildfire

Intensely sensitive, see through, never seen

Finding love on the broken floor

Unrequited, too much love to care

Lost not willing to be found

Mistakes counted, none erased

Insane addiction for twists and bends

Unapologetic for curious curiosity

Fallen but only once an angel

Wings clipped still able to fly

Empty and full of promises broken

Deeply loved, deeper desire

Under the skin of flesh hardened

Able to pierce the impenetrable

Burnt too hot to hold

Dazzles then misunderstood

Naturally rebellious opposing imposers

Sweetly naked, always clothed

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