Ebook/Paperback Book By Alex Myles ~ An Empath: A Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide To Energy, Emotions and Relationships

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An Empath: A Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide To Energy, Emotions And Relationships

Available in ebook, paperback and hardback

About The Author

Alex is a qualified Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Teacher of Tibetan Meditation and Spiritual Coach along with many other practices that work with the flow of universal life force energy in order to harmonise the mind, body and soul. She is also an empath and is very aware of the powerful effect that energy has on all aspects of our existence, especially our relationships. Alex believes empaths are here on Earth for a divine purpose and that is to learn how to effectively radiate healing energy so that immense much-needed change can occur. However, she also believes that before we are able to heal others, it is vital that we first heal ourselves.

About the book

A 588 page, 54 chapter book covering a variety of subjects, including an understanding of an empath’s traits and characteristics, energy, remaining grounded and balanced, protecting our energy, triggers, projection, empath/narcissist relationships, healing, letting go, introverts, loneliness/solitude and beyond…

An excerpt from the book…

Empaths attract various types of relationships with those who either deny and repress how they feel or with those who are tormented by their emotions. The reason we are drawn towards them is because we naturally want to eradicate any form of suffering and pain. Unfortunately, we can  be quite naive and forget that not everyone in the world perceives things as we see them. This leaves us vulnerable and subjected to overwhelming and debilitating emotions.

We not only feel and experience our own condition, we also absorb the energy from everything and everyone around us too. Before we can fully understand ourselves or those we become intricately entangled with, we first have to learn how energy operates so that we can acknowledge, identify, discern, process and ultimately transmute all entities so that any negativity in our surrounds, or within ourselves, instantly transcends to positive.

Until we do this we will experience other people’s pain simultaneously, so whenever someone around is struggling emotionally, physically or psychologically we are gravitationally pulled down too and we then struggle with them.

Learning how to identify our own energy from all that exists around us allows us to find balance and harmony in what can seem at times like a raw and extremely harsh world. Our energetic skin is paper-thin and we are highly sensitive creatures and this means that being an empath can be an incredibly tormenting or an exquisitely beautiful way to experience life.

It is simply a double-edged sword.

Our sensitivities can help, however, they can also hinder us. That is until we figure out how to manage our gifts so that they elevate and construct us rather than causing a continuous pattern of internal or external devastation and deconstruction.

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An Introvert’s Survival Guide For The Party Season


I am a classic introvert. By choice I would hibernate winter away, scurry out in the spring to gather and collect necessities for my nest and then settle back into my haven where I feel loved, understood and safe.

However, I also adore exploring new terrain, discovering far-off lands, meeting new people and marinating in fascinating cultures. Therefore, I sometimes feel like a contradiction.

I ache to go out, yet I feel strongly compelled to stay in.

The main reason for this is that the world largely consists of extroverted people, and social gatherings are mostly structured to suit their desires and preferred lifestyles.

For example, restaurants have tables closely knitted together, bars generally allow everyone to freely wander in and out of one another’s personal space and special events contain mass conglomerations of human beings shoulder-to-shoulder all inhaling the same oxygen, contributing to piercing noise levels and emanating varying frequencies of energy.

This may sound like social heaven to extroverts, but to introverts it is social hell. To say events are excruciatingly painful is a massive understatement.

Introverts do like to venture out, but if it is to the wrong places their energy floods out of them.

Although, they will likely feel energized and at ease at events where there is a common focus (such as concerts, sporting events and the cinema) as everyone is there for a similar purpose and the energy is accumulated so that everyone is vibrating on a similar frequency.

Bars, clubs and parties do not share this same energetic equilibrium; generally speaking, there is not a shared consensus, as people are there for their own unique purpose. Some may be there to dance the night away, others for one night of lust or romance or even to find a prospective wife or husband. There will be those wanting to consume copious amounts of alcohol while others may just be out with friends to converse or catch up.

There are varying levels of energy in bars, clubs and parties, as the focus is centered on each individual rather than one central attraction, and this can cause friction and unrest in the atmosphere as each person’s energy field radiates depending on their unique intention for the outing. As introverts are highly sensitive to energy, they can very quickly become disorientated and unnerved as the energy levels fluctuate from very high to very low person to person.

Introverts would love to find ambience in large crowds of people at bars, clubs or parties, though sadly we are more likely to find engulfing and ravaging debilitation.

An introvert’s ideal social scenario would likely consist of a small collection of friendly but nonintrusive people, a roaring fire glowing and softly warming the room, maybe a guitar or piano being elegantly played in the corner, tables positioned around the edges of the room with barriers around them so that we feel somewhat protected, lights dimmed with candles burning and gentle but high energy permeating the room—and possibly a mug of hot cocoa. To top it off, there would also likely be a resting room where we could sit back, comforted by pillows and cushions with very little noise so we could reenergise, ground and centre before re-emerging to continue the evening. Oh, and some deep but mind-blowing, thought-provoking conversation.

Or, our perfect night may just be a cosy night in with good food, something delicious to drink, blankets and a beautifully written book.

To people who may not understand introverts, I can see why they may think we see ourselves as “precious” or “fragile” or maybe too tender for the rawness or harshness of the world. I often used to irritate myself being so totally bewildered and guarded against external entities, so I sometimes berated my personal ways and told myself to “toughen up” and just get out there, breathe and cope better.

In all honesty, this made me feel worse.

Instead, I now care for myself, show consideration and accept that humans are not all built the same. So there is no use condemning our introverted natural states.

We are all different.

There are some who love peanut butter and jelly, while other people hate it or are even allergic to it. Some people adore being closely connected to strangers, while others abhor it and break out in hives.

We can’t judge, as we don’t know the intricate details of why, what, when or even possibly who caused us to be this way. We aren’t even sure if we are born this way—if nurture or nature is the cause, whether it is genetics, evolution or if it was the blended result of a myriad of reasons.

We just are different. That is all we can really say, as we will never know how it feels to exist as anyone else.

So, my words of advice are not to ground yourself before going out. I’m not going to say perform rituals, protect your energy field, say mantras or have a dear friend on standby waiting to pretend-call-you with a made-up emergency that no one will believe just so you can escape through the closest exit.

My words to introverts are simple:

Go to the places you choose to go to, where you feel comfortable, where the surrounding energy is soothing to your own and where you are not constantly on high alert. Travel and soak in the places where the energy aligns with your own.

Make connections with people who understand the need for introspection and who reciprocate a similar vibe back, overflowing with consideration and acceptance.

Seek out the people who understand how it feels to sometimes feel as though you don’t belong to this world.

Talk with those who remind you that it is okay to be you and it is more than acceptable to not always (or never) like the same things that everyone else appears to.

Don’t go anywhere that you desperately don’t want to just because “everyone else is going.” Set your own route and let quality matter over quantity, and if that leads you to the same places you always go, then go anyway. Even if that places if within your own four walls.

We enjoy our lives and find fulfillment and happiness when we answer our own calling and listen to ourselves. We should never be miserable to be liked, to fit in, to please other people or to prove to ourselves or others that we are not weird or reclusive. We have to live with ourselves; therefore, we are the ones who know what makes us content and what satisfies our soul.

There are no rules or regulations that state we must go out to a variety of social events. Where we go is always our decision and ours alone. So choose to be around people who understand this without needing to justify yourself.

Socialising is exhausting and draining. Introverts thrive in their own company, and we find it invigorating, regenerating and energizing. Therefore, we have to adapt our lives to complement our own blueprint, not anyone else’s or ones that society has mapped out for us.

We can still push ourselves out of our comfort zones and do things that may not feel natural, though only if we are not forced or manipulated into doing so.

When we are secure in who we are and fully accept our introversion, we can then break through our introverted barriers without feeling as though we are leaving ourselves vulnerable.

Despite how the above may read, introverts aren’t boring, self-obsessed, loners or anti-social creatures. We just like to do things a little differently to what may be considered the “norm.”

We are not external; we are internal. We feel everything deeply and crave the highs and lows that are found in adventure, and we desperately want close encounters and heartfelt connections.

We just need peace, harmony and tranquillity to accompany our introverted hearts, whether the roads we decide to roam lead us to the indoors or the outdoors.


Alex Myles is a qualified yoga and Tibetan meditation teacher, Reiki Master, spiritual coach and also the author of An Empath, a newly published book that explains various aspects of existing as a highly sensitive person. The book focuses on managing emotions, energy and relationships, particularly the toxic ones that many empaths are drawn into. Her greatest loves are books, poetry, writing and philosophy. She is a curious, inquisitive, deep thinking, intensely feeling, otherworldly intuitive being who lives for signs, synchronicities and serendipities. Inspired and influenced by Carl Jung, Nikola Tesla, Anaïs Nin and Paulo Coelho, she has a deep yearning to discover many of the answers that seem to have been hidden or forgotten in today’s world. To purchase Alex’s paperback book or ebook please clickhere or click here to connect with her on Facebook, or click here to join Alex’s Facebook group for empaths and highly sensitive people to connect.


A Guideline to Surviving Christmas In The Company of A Narcissist


Spending time closely connected to a narcissist is difficult enough at the best of times, but being in a relationship with or closely connected to one over a holiday period can bring on an intense dose of the holiday blues.

The first thing to remember, which will likely save an incredible amount of stress, is that narcissists are usually deeply scarred and see themselves as the victims. Therefore, the “blame” for everything that happens to them sits firmly on everyone else’s shoulders.

Trying to get a narcissist to accept the result of their actions or miraculously transform their character is, unfortunately, a wish unlikely to come true. Even though the narcissist is terribly unhappy in their current state, they are devoid of anything that challenges them to feel genuine joy, love and happiness. They can thus remain closely acquainted with the negative emotions such as anger, hatred and envy that they have come to feel comfortable with and understand so well.

Holidays heighten a narcissist’s traits as their obsessive need to provoke fights, garner attention and control others elevates to ridiculously high levels.

This is because holiday seasons are not all about narcissists; they involve everyone. 

Therefore, narcissists pull out their box of magic tricks and do whatever they can to stop special events from stealing their thunder. They want to be higher up than everyone around them and will spend the entire holiday period critically looking down upon everyone else.

Keeping the narcissist satisfied, be it through time, effort, attention or expensive material gifts, will be a full-time job with not one single reward. It won’t matter one iota to a narcissist if the person they are draining is emotionally or physically burned out, or if there are insufficient finances to keep up with their flamboyant desires. Their demands continue until they have bled the person they are “feeding” from dry.

The most devastating thing about this is that when we are prey to a predatory narcissist, we suffer inner turmoil, which eats away at us from the inside out. We may even feel as though we are going insane.

This can worsen over holiday periods, as we feel so low that we may also let other people down, finding it difficult to eat, have fun, communicate or join in festivities.

On the other side of the scale, the narcissist appears to be in their element, possibly wearing a twisted smirk on their face that reflects the pleasure they feel that everything is going their way. They may even get an extra burst of energy right when they know that everyone else has lost theirs. This then makes it look as though they are not in the wrong and it is everyone else who is miserable!

Narcissists are unpredictable and will swing from high to low like a possessed seesaw, making it impossible to work out what they may do next. With a narcissist, we should always be on guard, expecting the unexpected and letting go of unrealistic hopes that holidays will be a smooth, harmonious and enchanting ride.

Narcissists may use one of their most infamous tools—the silent treatment—in which they are highly skilled.

They might deliberately ignore guests, friends or members of their own or their partner’s family. They want to make it known to those near and far how deeply miserable they are so they can extract sympathy and pity from anyone willing to express it.

Quite often this is because a narcissist’s childhood festivities were traumatic; therefore, holiday seasons are a painful reminder of nightmares from their past. They may have been deprived of quality time with close family members, or it may be that they never experienced the high excitement found in Christmas spirit, so they don’t know how to handle the loving, bonding energy that is usually in abundance during the holidays.

Although, it is possible that quite the opposite may have happened. Narcissists might have been so ridiculously spoilt, to the point that nothing they receive matches up to their precious previous experiences.

It is likely that rather than feeling happy for those who appreciate Christmas, narcissists feel resentful and envious. They tell themselves and anyone who wants to listen that everyone else is faking happiness and they are being hypocritical for spending time with those who aren’t normally around. They fail to see that Christmas is a time when loved ones gather together.

The whole scene makes narcissists feel sick to the stomach—until the vitriol rises and erupts in a volatile explosion.

They suck the energy from anyone they can latch onto so that those closest to them are drained to the point of debilitation. One of the most bewildering things about being close to a narcissist is that certain people fail to see the devastation they cause.

This is because narcissists know exactly whom they can weave their web of dysfunction around and whom they can’t. Narcissists may use gaslighting techniques so that they can make their victim feel as though they are going crazy, while they look entirely innocent.

When we engage with narcissists, we are vulnerable to their ability to turn everything around and accuse us of being the perpetrator of malicious words or actions. It is so easy to be triggered by a narcissist, as they play low and use our wounds and weaknesses to hit us where it hurts most. No response, no reaction or no contact are not easy when dealing with a narcissist, but they are all-important when we need to keep our self-worth and sanity in check.

If a narcissist knows they have nothing to gain, be it energy, financial or material gains or destroying other people’s moods, they turn their charm up to the highest degree and dazzle those around them with their happy and joyous “other side.”

They do this simply to make it look as though we are delusional, so they can keep up their manipulative behaviour unquestioned.

This can make it difficult to seek support, as when we turn to someone else for advice they struggle to see what we see. To us the narcissist will be controlling, deceptive and malicious, and all hell could be breaking loose, yet in front of other people they may turn the false jubilation up full to keep the façade in place.

As long as a narcissist is influencing other people’s moods, one way or the other, they are internally satisfied, regardless of how happy or sad they may appear on the surface.

It is well-known that narcissists are not forthcoming with gift-giving, being present, spending quality time with their family or friends or showing kindness or gratitude. They are more likely to do the opposite, even destroying other people’s gifts and precious time that should be spent together. If they do buy gifts, it is more likely something they want for themselves, rather than what the other person wants to receive.

Narcissists may also be unfaithful, deceitful and lie more compulsively during holidays. They may go for long periods without getting in touch, purely to cause devastation, turmoil and pain to those who care about them.

Firm boundaries are essential, so that we can stand well back from their stage performance and view it for exactly what it is. Knowledge is key. When we are aware of their behaviour and the detrimental effects it has on everyone around them, we can begin to take steps to either protect or remove ourselves from their clawed grasp.

Where possible, try not to allow their illusions of grandeur or power to influence and alter holidays.

It is not reality. We can accept it or back away from it; it is our choice. However difficult it may seem, we should try not to react emotionally or get too meticulously involved.

We should try to leave the narcissist to pout and sulk, and eventually their fury will dissipate. If we can make arrangements without them or take regular breaks, it will ease the stress and tension we experience.

Giving them as little attention as possible is the best way to avoid any showdowns. If there is no one in the audience, the performance in the theatre has very little meaning.

Narcissists struggle to feel or display their own emotions, so they enjoy watching intense emotions bleed out from other people. Therefore, a public emotional meltdown from anyone around them is their perfect holiday treat, and one they secretly and silently wish for.

Narcissists will only continue their outlandish behaviour when all eyes are turned on them.

As difficult as it might seem, we have to look away. And slowly back away.

We can still love and care for a narcissist; however, we should never allow them to dictate or control our emotions.

If narcissists are not made to feel “special,” they will go to any length to sabotage celebrations, even if it is to their own detriment. They will possibly break up with their partner or fall out with family members immediately before holidays to ensure that the maximum amount of anguish and emotional upset spills out due to their not being around.

If they do not have total control over events taking place, they sabotage them by withdrawing their presence or refusing to engage.

Narcissists may demand that no one give them gifts, and they may act obnoxious or reclusive, or completely ostracise themselves from festivities. They do this solely and deliberately to affect other people, not out of their own preference not to celebrate. If they do receive gifts, they may sulk or throw tantrums, furious that the presents did not reach their high expectations.

Rather than showing gratitude, they are far more likely to show contempt.

The ironic thing is, those who are around narcissists take on all of the guilt and blame that the narcissist should be shouldering. Narcissists project their resentment and bitterness forcefully onto those around them, so the victims feel like the ones responsible for the chaotic mess.

Narcissists express rage to cause other people to rage, and then the narcissist moves swiftly into victim mode.

Rather than standing up to narcissists, those in receipt of their behaviour play small and tiptoe around them to ensure everything runs smoothly and the narcissist is meticulously tended.

The victim has learned that when the narcissist is confronted all hell breaks loose, so they pacify them to avoid conflict and drama. This is the ideal playing ground for a narcissist. It means they are easily able to take whatever they “deserve” without any questions or fights, after having effectively worn their “opponent” down.



Alex Myles is a qualified yoga and Tibetan meditation teacher, Reiki Master, spiritual coach and also the author of An Empath, a newly published book that explains various aspects of existing as a highly sensitive person. The book focuses on managing emotions, energy and relationships, particularly the toxic ones that many empaths are drawn into. Her greatest loves are books, poetry, writing and philosophy. She is a curious, inquisitive, deep thinking, intensely feeling, otherworldly intuitive being who lives for signs, synchronicities and serendipities. Inspired and influenced by Carl Jung, Nikola Tesla, Anaïs Nin and Paulo Coelho, she has a deep yearning to discover many of the answers that seem to have been hidden or forgotten in today’s world. To purchase Alex’s paperback book or ebook please clickhere or click here to connect with her on Facebook, or click here to join Alex’s Facebook group for empaths and highly sensitive people to connect.

A Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People


I highly recommend all empaths take a note of when Mercury is in retrograde, as this period can have a turbulent effect on our lives.

By aligning, rather than going against these periods, we can save ourselves an incredible amount of frustration and avoid many problems.

Highly sensitive people (HSP’s) and empaths are deeply intuitive souls, which causes them to be ultra sensitive to other people’s energy levels and it also means that they are highly tuned to their surrounding environment.

Introverts can also suffer from the same harmful effects from these outside energies. Often one of the reasons a person is introverted is because other people’s energy levels and the energy from their surrounding environment becomes overbearing, resulting in an overwhelming desire to retreat.

Being highly sensitive to energy levels can be a blessed curse.

Whenever something is happening in the atmosphere, we are guaranteed to feel it.

It can be exquisitely beautiful experiencing life on a high vibrational level and it is also beneficial to be able to read situations without the need for words, however, it can also be extremely exhausting, debilitating and can cause emotional and psychological distress.

For these reasons, it is essential to take good care of ourselves and protect our energy field so that we do not become emotionally drained and burned out.

Usually, we sense things before they are happening, so we can try to pay attention and prepare as best as possible, so that we do not suffer through its period.

Empaths may also notice a heightened awareness to external stimuli during the shadow period of the retrograde, which takes place a couple of weeks before and a couple of weeks after the main time of Mercury’s retrograde. As empaths have a strong intuition and also absorb energy easily, we should be extremely careful with our interactions with others, as we will most likely be in an elevated state of being and on high alert.

It is also important to take steps to protect ourselves, so that other people’s negative energy does not penetrate ours and trigger us to react easily. 

Three or four times a year Mercury appears as though it is traveling backwards through the Zodiac—it isn’t though it is just an illusion.

Mercury is closer to the sun than Earth is, therefore, its orbit is shorter.

As Mercury passes closest to Earth, the planet appears as though it slows down and is perceived as though it is stationary. We gain the illusion that Mercury is travelling backwards, however, it is all to do with the speed that Earth and Mercury are travelling at. The effect is similar effect as when we are on a train and we pass another it can seem as though the one is going backwards.

All planets go through a similar period, where they appear as though they are spinning backwards. The reason we pay strict attention to the planet Mercury is that the effects of it seem to affect a lot of people in similar ways.

Mercury is the planet associated with communication, listening, speaking, learning, negotiating, buying, selling, traveling plans, vehicles, contracts and agreements. So, when Mercury is in retrograde we can expect any or all of these things to also spin as though they appearing to go backwards, or out of control.

We can try not to pay too much attention to anything that goes wrong during the retrograde period, as quite often is the case, once Mercury appears back on track, or even further down the line, things sort themselves out and reach a satisfactory resolve.

Mercury retrograde is strongly associated with confusions, delays and frustrations—it is the perfect time to take a look at our past. A lot seems to happen in a short space of time, which can overwhelm and confuse our internal processing.

By changing our perception and instead of allowing it to cause turmoil, we can instead look at things with a simplistic and carefree view—letting go of what is not meant for us and allowing other things to briefly return for moments of reflection.

As an empath, I often view the time of Mercury retrograde as though the wind is going through a change a direction. I can either go with the wind, feeling the breeze and allowing it to carry me along, or I can go against it, causing myself to struggle, feel flustered and eventually weaken from pushing away from it.

The more I know about myself as an empath and also about Mercury retrograde, the fewer problems I experience during this period.

I try to keep a low profile, other than keeping company with those whose energies align similarly with mine.

I understand that everyone, whether an empath type personality or not, will be affected in some way by this retrograde. Therefore, even if I am aware of my own sensitivities and personality changes during this time, I am not able to judge how others will be reacting to the powerful energy changes.

As empaths we pick up on other people’s behavior, emotions and karmic energies.

During Mercury retrograde we will be more sensitive than normally, therefore, we are at a higher risk of being easily influenced by all of these things, causing them to have a detrimental effect on our own emotions. By remaining aware and alert to what is happening around us, we are in a stronger position to protect ourselves, so that we do not absorb anything that may be harmful.

We can try to take everything with a pinch of salt, and try not to take offense to anything that is done, or things that are said and also try not react to things that can just be brushed off and will soon be forgotten.

We may feel intolerable, so we can remind ourselves constantly that everyone is behaving a little out of turn and until retrograde has passed, absolutely anything out of the norm is possible. We can keep an open and non-judgmental mind, even when we are tested beyond our normal patience levels and boundaries.

Mercury retrograde is a difficult time for many with the universe’s energy interacting with our own—to take on and absorb other people’s altered states of energy as well as our own, just compounds onto an already intensive period while experiencing the effects of the retrograde.

Empaths are often seen as human sponges, soaking up the emotional and psychic static electricity that others send out.

Taking on other people’s toxic waste that is thrown out to the atmosphere can be destructive and devastating to the inner balance and calm of an empath’s often fragile being.

By keeping certain people and situations at an arms length, we can use a form of self-preservation to ensure these few weeks are as stress free as possible. Before making any plans or arrangements, consider who, what, where and when things will be happening to avoid any possible traumatic or uncomfortable situations.

Often during Mercury retrograde, things can become overwhelming as the effect of Mercury’s energy, together with all human’s accumulative energy levels can drown out our own.

If we love our own company, this can be the ideal time to kick back and bury down into our cave.

Whether with friends, a loved one, family members or colleagues, there will come a period when we will require some time out. When solitude calls, it is best not to worry too much about offending other people, as our own emotional needs and health should be prioritized first.

Often, a small amount of time alone to just rebalance can be all that is required, however, if the situation becomes too intense to bear, excuse the departure and leave immediately. Finding a peaceful spot with nature, reading a book, meditating or listening to music can be all that it takes to recharge and harmonize.

I see it as a mini-hibernation, though at all times paying attention to what is coming, going and also what is remaining inside so that I can alter my inner compass and head out of the period with a great sense of where I’m going, where I’ve been, but most importantly where I am right now.

Often, right in the middle of retrograde I take a short break, either on my own or with someone close to me, even if it’s just for a few days, to escape from the height of its effects. I think carefully before going and always double or triple check all travel plans, I head to a place I am familiar with—somewhere that I class as a safe haven. If possible I revisit a place with childhood memories and not too far away to avoid any retrograde infused travel chaos ensuing.

I choose a place where I can forget about technology and communication, so that I have less chance of complications happening or being in the crux while things around me go wrong.

I then can slow things down and relax, calmly, in a place which I am familiar with, which I always think is the best way for me to reflect on my past, especially serendipities, and look at where I’m going and try to make sense of my journey. This is something that Mercury retrograde is a great time for, as it too is in this process of “traveling backward” whilst still going forward.

When we feel things at such a high level it is often because we are not fully present and grounded in our own physical body. Sometimes emotions can be uncomfortable to deal with, so we constantly shift in and out of our personal space causing something known as “outer body experience.”

As we practice being fully present and grounded to the earth, we will notice that we deal with things with a far calmer and more rational mind, allowing us to gain a greater understanding of whatever it is that is bothering us, rather than jumping around to avoid or put it off for another day. It is also effective in helping us to work out what is our own, and what is someone else’s emotional baggage, allowing ourselves to remove anything that is unwanted and unneeded.

As we focus on being present in the moment and grounded within our own body, it will become almost impossible for the mind to migrate to other people’s emotional spaces, where we are putting ourselves at risk of absorbing negative energy. If this does happen from time to time, we will find ourselves reacting far quicker to reposition ourselves back into our core.

The grounding practice is performed best with bare feet on fresh grass or earth, if possible. It’s quite simply called grounding as the process involves rooting to the earth. This method keeps us balanced by using the earth’s natural healing energies to stabilize and revitalize. If this can be done next to plants or trees, the benefits will be heightened as they will naturally absorb any waste (carbon dioxide) and replace it with fresh energy (oxygen).

We can take time to reconnect with old friends or relatives who we haven’t seen for a while.

Anything from the past that we have been thinking about, we can make connect with. Although, I personally try not to communicate with those whose energy feels toxic or those who energies feel heavy and weigh me down.

It is important to remember that we can choose what energy we absorb. Although there is negative and toxic energy in our environment and surrounding other people, it is up to us whether we allow it to have an influence on our own energy field.

Rather than becoming affected by energies that drain us, we can make a conscious effort to avoid and protect ourselves from them by raising our vibration so that we attract and submerge in positive energies instead.

Mercury retrograde used to be a time I dreaded.

I anticipated it as though a thick dark cloud was slowly approaching and I would feel as though I was drowning when it finally stood above me. Instead of crouching under the rainfall shielding myself from the force, I now stretch my arms wide out and stand grounded, allowing it to energize me and embrace its powerful life-force and nourishment, knowing it soon will pass.

I see this time period as a great learning curve, I discover that I can learn a lot about patience, acceptance and also about releasing and letting go of things that in the scheme of things, do not matter. I reflect inwards, but I also find it interesting to look outwards too at how the energy is affecting others. By keeping a clear mind and also a carefree attitude, I allow things to come, things to go and also things to return that normally I might reject.

I discover I find a lot about who I am internally, even though the planets are spinning in such a way that could cause confusion. When the storm sets in, I keep my feat grounded and ride the wave perfectly, and when I do fall, I use it as a chance to reflect once again, pick myself back up and try again.

Although this used to be a period of turmoil, it is now one that I celebrate as it helps me push through the nitty-gritty and uncomfortable-ness I often avoid.

It is a period of soul searching and one of reflection. One of accepting what is and releasing what isn’t.

The most important thing to remember, during Mercury retrograde is a few very simple words that will turn a possibly traumatic period into a very calm one, and also a period of time that helps me to get to know myself far better. These few words are “Let it go.”

Let it go, let it go, let it go.

I tell myself these words over and over. I repeat them in my head, I say them out load, I even scream them if necessary.

The words become my mantra and also remind me that all is not what it seems, so what better thing can I do for myself and for everything around me than to, Let go, let go, let go.

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November 11th: The Twin Flame Magic of 11:11


Everything on earth (including numbers) has its own unique energetic signature and the vibrational energy radiating from 11:11 is startling and awakening.

This is because it is the first set of repeating number sequences we see when we begin to come into full conscious awareness.

November is the 11th month, and in numerology 11 is a master number that equates to new beginnings, illumination, inspiration, independence and the potential of the soul.

Eleven is the most intuitive, creative, enlightening and insightful number in numerology. It is known as the “Messenger” and is a guiding force that helps us readjust and gravitate towards our unique divine path so that we make the most of the possibilities and opportunities intended for us.

11:11 is a spiritual awakening call that presents itself repeatedly so that we become alerted to particular aspects of our life. It raises our awareness by gently jolting us so that we pay attention to the synchronicities that are around us. These nudges are the universe’s way of waking us up through the unique vibrational energy of 11:11.

Many of us may notice that we regularly see 11:11 on clocks, license plates or receipts. The reason the number appears is a personal one, and only the person seeing it will be able to decode its significance accurately.

When 11:11 presents itself, we may notice a familiar déjà vu sensation, as though we are trying to remember something from a past life or a dream, without fully understanding why we are trying to retrieve this information or whom it is about.

We can take the opportunity to slow down and take a few moments to pause and reflect on how we are feeling internally and what our thoughts were at the moment we saw 11:11. Were they positive ones that assist us with moving in the direction we want to go? Or were they negative, heavy-loaded ones that anchor, weigh us down and hold us back?

In that instant, we can alter how we are thinking and what we are feeding our soul, so that the thoughts that aren’t necessary for the life we are creating are replaced with nurturing, structuring ones.

If our thoughts relate to open, unhealed, festering wounds, we can dig to the root of them and uncover what is still causing us internal discomfort, although it is recommended to do this when we have undisturbed time.

If there is something in particular we wish to manifest, 11:11 is an opportune time to visualize it. We can make a wish at each 11:11 moment and send it out into the universe.

The 11:11 energy is particularly potent with regards to twin flames, and it can assist us if we are feeling the urge to connect or reunite.

Just before we meet our twin flame, or once the meeting has taken place, we will likely see an increase in the amount of coded numerical messages all around us—not just 11:11, but other sequences that also have relevant meaning.

Many of those who have met their twin flame, but have not yet formed a relationship with them, may experience restlessness and dissatisfaction, possibly without consciously realizing why.

If we are having difficulty creating a harmonious bond with our twin soul, it is likely because we have unhealed emotional wounds that need to surface and be treated. Our soul is getting itself into shape, so that when we do unite, the connection is one that could potentially last a lifetime.

In the meantime, we may meet many soulmates and have very intense relationships with others whom we love and care for deeply, but the twin soul relationship is one that will evade us until we are centered and have balanced our feminine and masculine energies and accept all that is contained within other people’s energies. This does not mean that by the time we have a relationship with our twin soul, we will have it all figured out and be spiritually “perfect human beings.”

We are messy, emotional, bewildering confusing creatures—and while we are fully open and alive, we will still encounter a myriad of issues, troubles and tribulations that we will need to navigate through.

However, until we live from our heart center—and we are entirely accepting of ourselves in all our radiant, complex glory—the twin flame relationship will continue to evade us.

There is inner work to be done, and it is up to us whether we are willing to embrace our crooked, jagged, sharp edges and balm them with care and loving tenderness, or whether we jut out like a shard of broken glass feeling hurt and broken and damaging anyone else that comes too close.

A meeting with a twin flame is a life changing, earthshaking event, and 11:11 is the universe’s way of sending signs to prepare us in advance so that we raise our vibration and become balanced and aligned for the destined meeting.

A twin flame is simply a mirrored reflection of our own burning, brilliant warm light. Whatever qualities are on fire within us, we will find reflected in our twin flame.

11th November  will be intensely powerful in offering us an endless flow of epiphanies, serendipities and synchronicites.

We will feel pushed in the direction of new opportunities and offered the chance to take the initiative and start a brand new chapter of our lives. This phase will transition naturally on 1/11/2017 if we commit now to clearing our karmic wounded healer energy that we have been dragging along with us far longer than necessary.

11:11 is a master number, and when we look at it we will see that it looks like a doorway with two pillars on either side. It is a calling to step into our own personal power, walk through that door, become the master of our own destiny and see the wonders and magic that is patiently on the other side.

When we do this, we swiftly move out of the embodiment of the “wounded healer” stage that the number 11 signifies, and we take ownership of the newly “Inspired Healer” stage that develops when we are aware of our behavior and remain in control whenever we are faced with challenging circumstances.

When we focus on 11:11, our energy expands and we fluidly move past negativity, repeated patterns of behaviors, and we disentangle from the desire to engage in the destructive types of relationships that we have unconsciously been attracting.

11:11 helps us understand that all the situations we bring into our lives are there because at a soul level we need to learn elements from them to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of ourselves. We have been attracting the lessons we needed for our unique soul evolution. Our circumstances and other people are crystal clear mirrors that reflect back to us much of our hidden, rejected or denied personality flaws or unhealed wounds.

Often, without realizing it, we can become codependent and forge dysfunctional relationships with people without understanding why we are attracting such draining dynamics, when inside we desperately want to feel confident, independent, energized and balanced. These entanglements debilitate us and throw us off center, making us question what we are doing here and where we are on our spiritual adventure.

When we are willing to be vulnerable and courageously open—without our ego’s resistance—we will see ourselves and others clearly and without illusions. We will then gain greater perspective of the various reasons that each person or situation is showing up in our lives, and we can study the underlying elements that we felt we needed to be shown.

As we approach the 11th day of the 11th month, and during the weeks following, we will likely see an increase in the amount of times we see 11:11, particularly as November 11th, 2016 (11/11/9) signifies the beginning of transformational healing and the ending of destructive areas of our lives.

In numerology, 1 is the beginning and 9 is the end—therefore, the 11/11/9 sequence shows us that we can begin to let go of anything detrimental so that we have space for new beginnings filled with nourishing, soul-rewarding experiences.

Throughout November, we will notice that we feel highly sensitive and intuitive, as we will be acutely attuned to the subtle energies radiating all around us.

We are being called to pay attention and participate in the incoming coded energy of 11:11 so that we learn to place our trust in the synergy between these synchronicities and our intuition.

November is a pivotal time to focus on what we want by repeating positive, uplifting affirmations and planting healthy seeds of love. This means that the manifestations that occur will be the ones that we want to take a place of high importance in our lives, and we achieve this by also letting go of the thoughts, feelings and unhealthy attachments that relate to everything that we don’t want.

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How To Lovingly Cut Energetic/Emotional Ties With Someone Whose Energy Feels Toxic


Whenever we bond with someone, attachment cords (energetic ties) are created, which travel from our heart chakra to the other person’s heart chakra or from solar plexus to solar plexus, as this is the chakra directly related to our emotions.

When energetic cords have developed for purposes other than a heart or soul connection, the cords could be anywhere in the body. There may be numerous cords, and they may be in various shapes, strengths and sizes.

When cords have been formed, we have direct access to another person’s emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state, as well as their intentions and capabilities, which also enables a transfer of energy.

Energetic cords can provide us with a detailed insight enabling us to read someone else’s energy clearly, and also so that we can send and receive emotions. Cords enable us to communicate easily and just know information about the other person, without any words or actions.

However, cords can also drain and deplete us if we are radiating too much energy through them, or if the other person is aware that a cord is in place, and their impulse is to draw on whatever is available so they can draw energy from us. This can happen when we have entered a relationship with someone, believing they have good intentions, when they have no desire to establish anything meaningful, and they are manipulative in the hope that they will gain something.

Deciding with our head that we want to move on from previous experiences is not always enough. We sometimes need to energetically disconnect emotions and feelings, and really feel that we are ready to make the break.

If we want to let go of an attachment to someone, we can sever the energetic ties. We may choose this if we are obsessively thinking about an ex-partner, feeling remnants of pain due to old memories, feeling resentment or bitterness due to a past grievance, feeling tied in or drawn toward someone as though they have a hold over us, or if we are simply finding it difficult to move on and start over.

If we do not sever the ties, we may keep getting caught up in low frequency relationships, which is why we attract similar types of people (or the same kinds of relationships) over and again, as the cords in place are keeping us connected to the past.

Sometimes energetic cords are mutual and have valves going each way so that energy is relayed and received. Other times they have a one-way valve that gives out energy but receives no return flow. If we are in a relationship and we are sending out waves of energy but not receiving a flow in return, it is likely that we are involved with someone who is emotionally unavailable, and if we continue to do this without regularly recharging our own energy, we will very quickly become drained.

Sometimes we want to cut a cord with someone so we can detangle ourselves from negative interactions and emotions, but we do not want the person to physically leave our lives. When we remove these low frequency cords, we can still remain connected to the person, but the dynamics will change.

Cord cutting can be used in current relationships that have painful history, especially if there are triggers causing arguments over the same thing continuously. In these cases, we can locate the cords that are influencing our emotions and causing us to instinctively react, while leaving the positive cords intact. Our relationship will not suffer when we cut these cords, as only the negative aspect of the relationship will be eliminated.

Before cutting cords, it is essential that our mind is rational, calm and clear, so that we do not negatively influence the process and also so we can radiate loving, compassionate and healing vibrations. Meditating beforehand will ensure our mind is balanced and we are also grounded during the process. It is also beneficial to forgive ourselves and the other person so that we are not leaving remnants of resentment, retaliation, anger or bitterness behind (or allowing space for new detrimental cords to attach).

To locate the cords, we need to use our intuitive senses to guide us, as the majority of suppressed emotions connected to the cord are deep within our unconscious mind. When we have located the area of the cord, we can raise our awareness and keep our attention on the cord to gain an insight into why it is there, and what emotion or belief of ours allowed it to form.

When we attune to the vibration of the cords and pay attention to the sensations within our physical body and energetic field, we will easily recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy connections.

Healthy, high vibrational cords are connected to our energy field and are found radiating from our aura. They do not pull in energy, but the energy they radiate is extremely powerful and offers unconditional love, humility, care, kindness, compassion and spiritual growth. Healthy cords have a very light, pure and clear vibration, and they are also known as “spiritual ties.”

Unhealthy, low, dense vibrational cords are based on dysfunction and are created due to things such as desire, control, fear, anger, abandonment, frustration, rejection, resentment, insecurity and material or financial benefits. The cords feel thick and heavy and their vibration is dense. They will likely feel tender, and the area around them may ache. If there has been trauma or heartbreak associated with the cord, the pain will keep repeating until we are ready to release it and let go of the memories.

If someone has connected a cord to us, they may be depleting us without us realizing it, and the cord may not be at the heart or anywhere obvious, so we may have to scan the body to find where the entrance to the attachment cord is—and we also have to scan to see how many they have connected. If we have poured a lot of emotion, time and energy into a relationship—or if the other person has invested a lot—the bond could be particularly strong, therefore the cord will also have resilience and strength.

Cord cutting is done using visualization by focusing on one cord at a time. When we are lying still, with our eyes closed, inhaling and exhaling deeply, we can scan how our entire body feels and focus on our sensations. We may begin to notice a dense, heavy feeling in certain areas that we are drawn towards and that will likely be the cord that is the most significant and powerful one. We can then set the intention to cut the cord and visualize severing it with scissors or any sharp instrument.

When we have cut the cords, we can pour healing, love and light where the cord has been severed. If we leave an open energetic wound, it is likely a new cord will quickly attach, as we will be leaking energy and be susceptible to anyone who detects this and wants to drain our energy.

After cutting cords we may feel a little unsettled, anxious and overly emotional. However, once we meditate and ground ourselves, these feelings should dissipate, and we will feel lighter, freer, calmer and more balanced. If we feel the same way as we did before the process, we have not severed the cord properly and removed it from its root, so we can return and repeat the process.

When we have cut a cord, the other person may notice it energetically, so they may be drawn to contact us to see if they can put new ones in place, as they are no longer receiving an energetic feed from us.

When the cords have been successfully severed, the illusions within that relationship will fall away, rendering us free to finally see the dynamic in a clear light, without emotions infiltrating and causing an energetic, painful disturbance.


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The Toxic Attraction Between An Empath And A Narcissist


I am an empath. I discovered I was an empath after I got involved in a very intense and highly destructive relationship with a narcissist.


For a detailed explanation of both the narcissist and empathy personality types, please click here and here.

From my own experience and studies on the narcissist personality type, there is one noticeable core trait: A narcissist is wounded.

Something, somewhere along the line, often stemming from childhood causes a person to feel worthless, unimportant and unvalued and, due to this, they will constantly and very desperately seek validation.

Here comes the empath, the healer. An empath has the ability to sense, feel and absorb other people’s pain and often takes it on as though it were their own. If an empath is not consciously aware of healthy boundaries when dealing with people who have harmful intentions and they do not understand how to protect themselves, they will very easily and very quickly strongly bond with the narcissist in order to try to fix and repair any damage and attempt to eradicate all their pain.

What the empath fails to realise is that the narcissist is a taker. An energy sucker, a vampire so to speak. They will draw the life and soul out of anyone they come into contact with, given the chance. And they won’t stop.

They do this so that they can build up their own energy reserves and, in doing so, they can use the imbalance to their advantage.

This dynamic will bewilder, confuse and debilitate an empath, as if they do not have a full understanding of their own or other people’s capabilities, they will fail to see that not everyone has the same intentions as they do. An empath will always put themselves into other people’s shoes and experience the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others, while forgetting that other people may have an agenda very different to their own and that not everyone means well or is sincere.

The narcissist’s agenda is one of manipulation, it is imperative they are in a position whereby they can rise above others and be in control. The empath’s agenda is to love, heal and care. There is no balance and it is extremely unlikely there ever will be one.


The more love and care an empath offers, the more powerful and in control a narcissist will become.

The more powerful the narcissist becomes, the more likely the empath will retreat into a victim status.

Then, there is a very big change—Due to the constant turbulence the empath may take on narcissistic traits as they too have become wounded and are constantly triggered by the damage being in the company with a narcissist creates. Before long, an extremely vicious circle has begun to swirl around the two.

When a narcissist sees that an empath is wounded they will play on this and the main intention will be to keep the empath down. The lower down an empath becomes, the higher a narcissist will feel. An empath will begin to frantically seek love, validation, confirmation and acceptance from a narcissist and each cry for help will affirm to the narcissist what they are desperate to feel inside—worthy.

A bitter battle can ensue.

As an empath focuses solely on their pain, trauma and the destruction of their lives, they can become self-obsessed and fail to see where the damage is coming from. Instead of looking outwards and seeing what is causing it, the empath will turn everything inward and blame themselves.

An empath at this stage must realise the situation they are in and sharply wake up to it, as anyone who is deeply in pain and is hurt can take on narcissistic tendencies themselves as they turn their focus onto their own pain and seek out others to make them feel okay again.

Any attempt to communicate authentically with the narcissist or receive comfort will be futile as they will certainly not be looking to soothe and heal anyone else. Not only this, they are extremely charismatic and manipulative and have a powerful way of turning everything away from themselves and onto others.

A narcissist will blame their own pain on an empath, plus they will also make sure the empath feels responsible for the pain they too are suffering.

If the empath does not step firmly into their own power they will begin to crumble under the weight of it all.

By this stage the empath will know they are in a destructive relationship and they will feel so insecure, unloved and unworthy that it can be easy to attempt to blame all of the destruction onto the narcissist.

However, an empath should not be looking to blame anyone else. An empath has a choice, to remain the victim, a pawn in the narcissists game or to garner all the strength they can muster and find a way out.

Emotionally exhausted, lost, depleted and debilitated an empath will struggle to understand what has happened to the once loving, attentive, affectionate and charismatic person they were attracted to.

How we allow ourselves to be treated is a result of our own choices. If an empath chooses to stay in a relationship with a narcissist and refuses to take responsibility for the dynamic, they are choosing at some level what they believe they are worth on the inside.

An empath cannot let their self-worth be determined by a narcissist. It is imperative they trust and believe in themselves enough to recognise that they do not deserve the hurtful words or actions that the narcissist delivers and to look for an escape route.

In an empath’s eyes, all they searched and looked for was someone to take care of and love and, sadly, ultimately to “fix.” That is where the trouble began and that is the most profound part of this that an empath must realise.

We are not here to fix anyone. We cannot fix anyone. Everyone is responsible for and capable of fixing themselves, but only if they choose to do so.

The more an empath can learn about the personality of a narcissist the sooner they will spot one and the less chance they have of developing a relationship with one. If a relationship is already underway, it is never too late to seek help, seek understanding and knowledge and to dig deep into one’s soul and recognise our own strengths and capabilities and do everything we can to build the courage and confidence to see it for what it is and walk away—for good.

The chance of a narcissist changing is highly unlikely, so we shouldn’t stick around waiting for it to happen. If a narcissist wants to change, then great, but it should never happen at the expense of anyone else. They are not consciously aware of their behaviour and the damage it causes and in their game they will sacrifice anyone and anything for their own gain—regardless of what pretty lies and sweet nothings they try to whisper.

An empath is authentic and is desperate to live true to their soul’s purpose and will very likely find the whole relationship a huge lesson, a dodged bullet and painfully awakening.

A narcissist will struggle to have any connection to their authentic self. They will likely walk away from the relationship very quickly and easily once they realise that they have lost their ability to control the empath. The game is no longer pleasurable if they are not having their ego constantly stroked, so they will move on, emotionless, and waste no time seeking out their next victim.

The only reason a true narcissist stays is when they think they still have something to gain.

The ability for these two types to bond is quite simply impossible. The narcissist’s heart is closed, an empath’s is open—it is nothing short of a recipe for a huge disaster, and unfortunately, not a beautiful one.

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Friday 16th September Full Moon: Wounded Healer Chiron Influencing Love & Pain


Over the next few days we are going to feel a surge of loving energy flowing through us. This energy is rising to alert and awaken us so that we feel courageous enough to accept ourselves, and those around us, exactly as we are.


We will feel marinated in unconditional heart-centered love and sense a vibrational entrance that will be encouraging a total acceptance of our entire being, and this is something that we have been waiting our entire adult lives for.


Not only that, this high frequency energy will be spilling over and everyone around us will feel warmed and lit up by the powerful rays of healing, loving, light energy glowing from our aura.


We are going to surprise ourselves by feeling intense and unmistakable electrifying impulses that will feel like gentle, subtle lighting bolts striking us, crying out for us to finally forgive ourselves for everything we have put our soul through for numerous years. We will also feel compelled to offer forgiveness and a profound depth of soul understanding to everyone around us, including people who have very badly hurt us in the past. This doesn’t mean that we will allow those that have harmed us a close place in our lives, just that we will be scattering an infinite amount of forgiveness far and wide.


We will very easily feel the ability to let go and release all of the aches and pains that for far too long have been causing us agony due to being firmly attached to our hearts.


This overwhelming desire to break free from whatever has hurt us and move on is occurring a few different reasons.


The first is that the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs of the zodiac, which creates a yin and yang, dark and light, positive and negative effect. It is the energy of opposites and this means that we will feel encouraged to come to terms with our flaws and faults and not only that, we will embrace and feel comfortable enough to celebrate and cherish all of our positive aspects too.


The second and most significant reason is that the Moon is in close conjunction with Chiron, the cosmic rock that represents the wounded healer that resides within us all. This energy will be pulling to the surface all of our old unhealed wounds and drawing our attention to anything that has caused us suffering so that we acknowledge, tend to, balm and heal anything that has been silently triggering us to react, respond and act in ways that aren’t a reflection of how we want truly to behave. Healing our wounds also assists  soul-growth as when we move on from past incidents that have caused us pain, we are no longer tethered to them and we can head onwards towards new, revolutionary experiences that play a huge part in the healing of others who may have troubles and problems and who may be struggling to move forward.


During these few days when the Moon is at its strongest, we will very likely feel vulnerable, especially as the veil that protects our energy field is extremely thin during a Full Moon, however our vulnerability becomes a strength when we surrender to it and use it to recognise the parts of our inner selves that we have masked and hidden away for far too long.


We will feel empowered to evoke and then let go of anything that we know is harmful, while gracefully accepting the things that we cannot currently change.


Pluto is also about to come out of a 5-month retrograde and this movement is going to deeply transform major areas of our life that have felt stuck and also that have anchored aspects of our life for the whole of the summer. We will notice this shift occurring as it will feel like an internal jolt freeing us to feel able to make decisions again, break old habits and patterns and reach out and take hold of all of the things that we have wanted and that up until now have been passing too swiftly by.


September’s Full Moon is in creative, imaginative, intuitive, perceptive Pisces and this can cause us to feel a little more emotional than normal. However, these high emotions arrive with perfect timing as we can harness and channel them so that they serve us for the heart related matters we are currently experiencing.


We will feel full of love, compassion, empathy and understanding so anything that is emotionally important to us will feel the full impact of our enchanting, buoyant heart energy, therefore, our friendships, relationships and any soul connection that we have will benefit greatly.


Where there once was conflict, there now will be peace and forgiveness. Where there were once major difficulties in communication or troubles surrounding romance, we will begin to feel at ease and intuitively know the right thing to do or say so that bridges can be built.


We are healing at an unprecedented speed and our fragmented pieces are effortlessly slotting back together. We are going to be feeling harmonious, balanced and at one with ourselves and comfortable in our skin, knowing that whatever challenges face us, we have the power, strength and a remarkable amount of determination to bounce back, realign with who we are at our core and continue moving forward.


No longer will we allow the storm clouds from our past dampen and darken our days.


This is the beginning of a new era and one that we have been working towards throughout our entire lifetime here on Earth. We have all the tools and knowledge needed to carve our way onto a brighter, smoother, soul nourishing and rewarding path and one that is brilliantly illuminated by this energizing turbo-charged lunar eclipse beaming Moon.


It is going to be a miraculous, magical week and one that we will remember for some time to come, but only if we are willing to absorb within the energies radiating from this soulful, life-altering, wise, reflective moon.


We are being called to remove the old, stagnant entities that have been weighing us down so that we have enough space to allow for everything that is ready and patiently waiting for us.


The seeds of new, magnificent beginnings are about to be planted and they will take root and we will notice them surfacing in various areas of our lives over the next few months.


Anything we choose to set intentions for during this week will manifest organically and naturally and we will reap all the benefits as it all comes to fruition at the opening of 2017, just in time for a new start that will be overflowing with an abundance of loving energy and important soul-enhancing connections.


This week allow the heart and mind to come together, decide the direction you would like your life to move in, say goodbye to the old and prepare and make positive plans for a future hand-crafted and created exactly the way you want it. It won’t happen immediately, but taking small steps, putting in a little effort and also remaining focused, watch in awe and wonder as whatever you open your heart to blossoms and takes shape right before your eyes.


This is your time. You have waited for this opening and energetic opportunity to boost you, and you deserve it. Closure has arrived to say goodbye to many months of emotional, mental or physical hardship, and a portal has energetically opened for clarity and to recognize and utilize the tremendous personal power that is within you. That has always been there.


Never forget your significance, unique purpose and worth again: Love, embrace and own it – you are a  cosmic warrior, an earth-planet-Adventurer, a star laced moonchild, feel proud, whatever part of your journey you are at, you are where you are meant to be.


Write a sincere, faith-driven love-letter to yourself, listing all the things of great heart-importance. Light a candle under the Full Moon and read the list slowly over and over. Release the note to the Universe, either take it to water or carefully burn it and watch the energies drift and transform.


Believe, pay attention and follow the signs.

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